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Benedict Cumberbatch is Patrick Melrose – Vanity Fair

Patrick Melrose, a five-part miniseries debuting on Showtime May 12, is based on one of them; the show is adapted from a series of novels by Edward St. Aubyn, in which Patrick serves as the author’s stand-in for his own struggles with heroin, his abusive father, and the privileged but isolating world he was born into. At the height of his addiction, which stemmed from repeated, harrowing childhood trauma, he was going through $5,000 worth of drugs a week.

“He’s charming firm or not talking about his domestic life – “I just can’t”,…”

“He’s charming firm or not talking about his domestic life – “I just can’t”, he says, pleadingly – but the general sense is that he’s incredibly happy and settled with Sophie Hunter, whom he married in 2015, would like to add to his collection of children (he has two: Kit, three, and Hal, one) and has found a pleasant life/work balance after the first rush of fame: “I know everyone thinks I’m in everything, but I actually have quite a few lovely spaces now. Because [his children’s childhood]are such a precious time and you want to be there for every heartbeat .Wark makes me a better person – but I also want time when I’m just focusing on them.” On a day-to-day basis how much time is actually spent “being” famous? When does the fame intrude? “If the average day is me at home in the morning and evening, and working during the day, then the cab driver will be like “Oh it’s you”. And if I’m walking down the street – I mean on the way here I had someone do a double-take and walk into lamp-post, which is always funny. Most of  it’s benign. It’s not like walking onto the internet – where it feels like there’s a constant queue of people waiting to throw rotten tomatoes at you. I prefer the real word to the internet. It’s much kinder”

Benedict Cumberbatch in an interview by Caitlin Moran for the May 12, 2018 Radio Times issue.