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Benedict Cumberbatch (‘Patrick Melrose’) on ‘visually-alluring, enthrall…

[  Karin says : ]      Okay, okay, I admit I am shallow myself. Here he is, newly shorn and due to the heat-wave, wearing only t-shirt and sweat shorts. In an interview that very, very probably was filmed by his laptop camera in one of the attic rooms in his home in Hampstead. And I just find him incredibly sexy and sweet, I can’t help it.

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addignisherlock: addignisherlock: Hi everyone! This is the…



Hi everyone! This is the first time ever that I’m attempting to make an artbook, I call this one Redbeard. Why Redbeard, because everything inside is about bbc sherlock and johnlock xD 

anyway in its content, I will include almost all of my sherlock artworks, plus photoshop tutorials on how I created those artworks, commentaries and more.

Printing a book is expensive which is why I’m using Kickstarter to get the funds!

Support my Artbook!

It’s always been my dream to make an artbook but I never do because I’m always critical of my art and no one will want it and then I succumb to my own fears. But not this time, I’m just gonna go all in and there’s no harm in trying


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Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day

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Tldr if you don’t know how Kickstarter works, Kickstarter won’t take your money immediately. It will want until the campaign ends and charge your money only if the campaign was a success (meaning that it met its funding goal). if I don’t meet the funding goal before the deadline, Kickstarter won’t take any of your money and the entire project will be scrapped. It’s all or nothing and I have only 16 days left to meet my funding goal or else the entire thing will have to be scrapped. So if you don’t mind, please help to signal boost!

Thank you!!💜

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Rachel’s Transitions and Making it Work


One of the things Rachel talked about in her transitions was the challenge of retroactively rebuilding the show once they decided to structure it chronologically.  Many things didn’t get covered because they would have been addressed in the fancy transitions, but once those were removed, they were already deep into post and couldn’t reshoot to correct for what ended up missing.  Such as a wide establishing shot for the scene where Mycroft is wikipedia-ing Agra. 

Remember this?


This is an affected shot from the original transition: Sherlock walks from the hotel room in Morocco into Mycroft’s office, with Mycroft reflected in a mirror that Sherlock walks past.  This is the reflection, doubled to fill the screen.

Apparently they didn’t shoot coverage otherwise of Mycroft beginning his expo on Agra, so Rachel had the idea to create this mirror image.  She felt that it would fit within the language of the show and still work as an establishing shot.

I always thought that while it works, it was a bit extra to make an establishing shot so visually complicated.  Why turn a simple shot into such a funky showpiece?  But it’s not unmotivated – it’s solving a problem the audience doesn’t know about.  This is a great illustration at the creativity demanded when you restructure a work so extensively.  It’s a clever solution, and luckily Sherlock already has a vocabulary of complicated visuals to allow it to feel a natural part of the show.

On the other hand, knowing that the entirety of the narrative structure changed so extensively explains a lot about the pacing and feel of some of the scenes in TST.  Because some scenes feel abrupt, some feel a little clumsy, and now I wonder how much of that was out of Rachel’s power and is actually damage control, because the episode was created to be told one way and then drastically changed to another.  It’s easy to think that shows (movies, novels, artworks, fics) spring fully formed but it’s always a process.  And when you have a reduced pallet from which to work it requires even more creativity, and sometimes it just doesn’t quite work the way you want it to.  

There’s so much that goes into the creation of this show that we just don’t know about. 

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